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Happy Clients

Kristin is great at helping me stay on track and has such a refreshing way of putting things. She keeps me motivated to keep going.

Bonnie W.

I was beyond overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. Thank you Kristin for being amazing. So grateful for you. 

Ellen A.

Kristin has been one of the most delightful personalities I have come across, and I am so grateful that I chose to call. She took time to listen and understand my goals. Not only has she supported my dreams through dark times, she kept me positive through the intense situations I was put in during my career growth. She helped me understand how my behaviors were driving my negative thinking and habits. I will continue my journey with her as she holds me accountable for every commitment and celebrates all my tiny achievements! Thank You Kristin Weaver!

Lili W.

Motivational Speaker


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